Home for Christmas

We are so lucky to be able to take Vash home in time for Christmas holidays. Yay! Vash was born into a local family with another brother and sister, so they have all been with their mom until ready to move to new homes.

We are more than an hour drive away and went to pick up the little guy before Christmas holidays. Here’s Vash in this traveling transport.

Everyone has been home for the holidays, so Vash has been showered with love. It’s like the new baby or grandchild of the family 🙂

The blue blanket is from Vash’s mom. The family made sure every puppy had a blankie with mom’s scent. We bought Vash a load of toys and cute Scottish styled bed… and looks like he’s cool with it!

Thankfully our family is very open and flexible when it comes to pups in the house, so we took him everywhere while visiting family. Yes, that is Vash gnawing on a Westie stuff toy – the irony!

It’s interesting to note how different Westie’s look as little pups. Their ears are not yet pointy up as it takes time as they grow up. Their ears will magically just point up consistently as they are older. Vash seems to have a half-up half-down look going on – it’s pretty hilarious!

No doubt I’ve been taking a million photos of the little guy. Just too cute, huh? Westie pups also have such cute fur… it’s decidedly different from the adults… but I suppose that is expected. Puppies and full grown dogs are different!

On the house training front, we have been using the pee/poopy pads to potty train him. The idea is that you keep moving the pad farther and farther until it’s outside and he learns the difference between inside and outside. We don’t have an actual grassy yard, rather a large paved area – so not sure how we will react to that. But it looks like he’s okay peeing on potted plants!

Is with most babies, Vash has his moments of intense playtime and intense naptime. Super adorable!

My current obsession is to play all the stuffed toys into his bed. It’s just so funny because Vash blends in! So for Christmas holidays, Vash was at our family house for lunch and dinner with everyone. He was a good boy, playing, napping and being cute for everyone!

We are so thankful to have Vash in our family. Yay for Christmas!

We are getting a Westie!

So excited to have finally found our beautiful Westie pup! After much searching, some tragedy and complications… finally we have found a lovely pup who will soon join our family.

Here we are having a video call, so we can see him as a pup! He is still with his mama, brother and sister right now and we have to wait until he is old enough and everything checks out with the vet, before bringing him home.

Are we obsessed or are we obsessed? Nothing like a beautiful West Highland White Terrier pup to bring light and love into your life!

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